Reduce no shows and enhance continuity of care

94% of people ages 76+ use text messaging

The healthcare industry and trends affecting healthcare are changing rapidly. Your ability to keep pace means the difference between giving your patients a good experience or an exceptional one. And that affects your bottom line.

Whether it’s your senior executives’ concerns with service delivery or your clinic’s focus on patient outcomes, messaging requires a fundamental shift in the way you interact with your patients. InTouch Connections supports you in producing the best patient outcomes at a reasonable cost by streamlining your messaging and survey technology across the continuum of care.

Bi-directional and omnichannel

Delivering messages in the way the patient prefers results in better patient adherence and lower readmittance rates. According to a study published in the American Journal of Medicine in 2010, 23% of those who did not receive a reminder call skipped an appointment compared to 13%-17% of those who received calls three days ahead of their visit. More importantly, a reduction of no-shows increases preventative health visits, alleviating the associated negative impact of missed appointments and leading to overall better-managed health.

InTouch Connections delivers bi-directional notifications and surveys via phone, text or email, meaning you can not only communicate with your patients, but they can immediately respond back to you. All InTouch Connections communication adheres to federally mandated privacy requirements.

What we do for healthcare

  • Automated appointment reminders
  • Appointment scheduling notifications
  • Mass notification of critical information
  • Preventative healthcare messages
  • Automated patient satisfaction surveys
  • Payment reminders

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