Improving your customer's experience from the start

Utility customers expect flawless service when and where they want it, and it’s the same with their communication preferences. Onboarding, change-of-addresses (COA), billing, collections, outages and emergency notifications -- InTouch Connections helps utilities deliver automated messages when and where your customers are, boosting satisfaction and loyalty.

InTouch Connections’ hosted, full-service platform helps our utility and energy clients deliver impactful automated communications or surveys, allowing you to focus on your customers rather than operational struggles. And when they respond, we review the data to evolve your campaign for even better response and engagement.

What we do for Utilities

  • Outage notifications
  • Crew appointment reminders
  • Service disruption messages
  • Shut-off notifications
  • Emergency notifications
  • Billing and collections
  • Educational messages
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

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