Billing & Service


Sometimes the check really IS in the mail

Billing and Services

The number of questions generated by bills and service issues is staggering which creates unnecessary activity for your call center. Avoid this bottle-neck with a simple outbound automated message or text that guides the customer to a menu of frequently asked questions.

Engage and personalize interactions with your customers across the entire lifecycle of the relationship, from opening new accounts to activity alerts, to collections. These proactive calls never enter your call center, and customers react positively to the early notifications.

InTouch Connections offers proactive payment solutions for entire billing cycles and expedited one-time payment services. Customers complete quick, secure transactions in a fully-automated or agent-assisted fashion and reduce the frequency of past due accounts.

Let our voice, text and email platforms help you deliver better service to your customers.


Let’s talk about how we can help you connect with your customers.

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