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Improve patient outcomes through better communication

Use omnichannel messaging to provide vital health information, encourage a change in behavior and reach underserved populations.

“Every industry has times when they have to change dramatically. For the Healthcare industry, this is one of those times.” – Colm Foley, Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

A more complex healthcare environment demands new strategies and InTouch Connections is ready to help you navigate the healthcare industry to deliver higher value patient-centered care. Whether it’s your senior executives’ concerns with service delivery or your clinic’s focus on patient outcomes, messaging requires a fundamental shift in the way you interact with your patients.

Navigating healthcare communications: A 5-step plan

Communicating in a changing healthcare environment requires a new approach:

  1. Set clear goals

    Are you looking to improve your HCAHPS scores? Do you need to streamline your appointment reminders to decrease no-shows? Are you looking to improve patient outcomes by delivering critical healthcare information? With a clear goal in mind, messaging is made simple.

  2. Create a messaging or survey plan

    InTouch Connections’ full-service account team can assist you in putting together a time-tested and impactful messaging or survey campaign to reach your communication goals. Among the many variables in our arsenal, we’ll work together to help you define the best day of the week, time of day, region, and channel for maximum patient engagement.

  3. Make every contact count

    Your communication must quickly engage your patients, clearly deliver on your goal, respect their time with you and thereby build your brand and streamline your resources.

  4. Meet them where they are

    Today’s on-the-go patients appreciate receiving appointment reminders, refill notices and proactive health information. InTouch Connections’ multi channel solution means you can contact your patients in the manner they prefer, whether that’s phone, text or email.

  5. Healthcare communications are flexible and agile

    As your partners in patient-centered engagement, your InTouch Connections account team analyzes your data and recommends adjustments to your campaign for optimum engagement. Our flexible platform makes it easy to quickly change any of the variables and add or delete variables, as necessary. When we say quickly, we mean hours (and sometimes minutes!), not days like most full-service messaging companies.

Improve patient outcomes today.

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