Increase customer satisfaction with automated surveys

Multichannel, interactive surveys help your customers understand their opinions are important to you and your organization. They guide internal policies, reduce customer attrition and improve profitability.

Customer survey participation rates

At InTouch Connections, we deliver automated surveys to your customers through their channel of choice: voice, text or online. Offering insight into satisfaction levels and helping you build brand loyalty, our interactive surveys help you address service issues by capturing the voice of the customer and providing you with actionable intelligence to give your business a competitive advantage.

Voice Surveys

Voice surveys tap into the minds of your customers to uncover their perception of your business. Quickly identify escalating customer concerns and transfer customers to a live agent at any time, resolving issues before they become bigger problems. Learn more about reaching your customers with voice surveys.

Text Surveys

Text surveys help you connect with your customers while their interaction with your company is still top-of-mind, leading to more abundant and better quality feedback. Learn more about texting.

Online Surveys

Fully optimize your survey channels with our online survey platform. As a full-service provider, we work with you to design and build your survey to keep your customers engaged and improve your response rates.

Transcriptions and reporting that help you understand your data

It’s not enough to simply collect data. You need actionable insights to propel your organization forward. InTouch Connections has married the traditional art of data collection with the modern science of data analytics, delivering unparalleled insights into your customer or patient’s frame of mind.

Our online reporting portal captures survey results and voice-of-the-customer verbatim transcriptions so you can review and implement change almost immediately.


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