Text Message

Mobile messaging to improve connections with your customers

After analyzing millions of data points, InTouch Connections’ metrics show 70% of primary numbers are cell phones and 48% of households are exclusively wireless. Contact your customers the way they liked to be reached and make sure your messaging gets through.

Text Platform Capabilities

  • Customized message flows
  • End-users can be segmented and sent customized messages
  • Customers can access FAQs, authorize payments, and confirm transactions conveniently from their mobile phone and without the assistance of an agent
  • Fully-automated, interactive text messaging conversations using custom business logic
  • Customers can opt-out at anytime
  • Messages can link to mobile website or phone number
  • Permission based, real-time reporting
  • SMS delivery in multiple languages and dialects
  • Text messages can be any length. You are not limited to 160 characters

Add SMS messaging to your voice and email platforms and keep your customers engaged.

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