Appointment Reminders


Because your customer’s time is important

Today’s active and technologically savvy consumers appreciate receiving routine reminders for appointments, bill payments and service renewals through automated messaging. These simple prompts provide overwhelming benefits for your business.

Automated reminders help your organization reduce appointment cancellations, absenteeism, past-due payments and service expirations that disrupt your revenue stream.

In one study, the financial impact from missed appointments could be as much as $151 million annually1.

InTouch Connections provides the interactive outbound messaging technology you need to engage, inform and delight your customers. Automated reminders create an opportunity to enhance the customer experience with your brand, initiate a response from your customers, and promote brand loyalty.

We offer multi channel solutions featuring voice, text, and email platforms, to create the most effective campaign for your needs.

1Audit of Veterans Health Administration’s Efforts to Reduce Unused Outpatient Appointments. Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General. 2008

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