Preference Management


Give your customers a voice

In their interactions with you, your customers share a variety of information, and a wise organization listens. Today’s consumer expects you to understand who they are and deliver a personalized, focused experience. Enter preference management. Preference management

Consumers tell us:

  • 89% agree that good service makes them feel more positive about the brands they engage with
  • 52% prefer a personalized experience
  • 51% believe customer service is an experience that should reflect them as a person
  • 43% are more forgiving of companies they think know them

We integrate into your system

Although InTouch Connections is full-service, we can integrate with your existing campaign management solutions and data warehouses. Since the entire workflow is automated and rules-based, there is little risk of sending a non-compliant communication.

Develop an effective preference management program, capture preferred channels of communication, and monitor consumer opt-ins to ensure that you are delivering messages that honor permissions and maintain compliance.

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