Leading conversions through conversations

Using email for automated communications takes a nuanced and experienced hand. InTouch Connections’ knowledgeable account managers can develop a messaging or survey campaign that gets you in front of your customers and keeps you out of legal trouble at the same time. Transactional emails have 8X more opensAt InTouch Connections, we get a contact rate of 95% when using all 3 channels. For truly personal messaging, extend your reach by communicating with your customers they way they prefer to be contacted.

Email Platform Capabilities

  • Immediate need messaging
  • Redemption promotions
  • Referral campaigns
  • Messaging differentiation
  • Fully customizable offers
  • Customers can opt-out at anytime
  • Messages can link to mobile website or phone number
  • Messages can include Forward-to-Friend links
  • Permission based, real-time tracking and reporting

Check out how our voice and text platforms integrate with email to meaningfully connect with your customers.

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