When your message must get through . . . call them

Voice notifications get an almost 10% better response over text and 20% over email alone. Extend your reach by communicating with your customers in the way they prefer.

Voice Platform Capabilities

  • Customized messages for live answers vs. answering machine messages
  • Customers can easily transfer to a live agent or IVR to purchase or ask questions
  • Message delivery via outbound calls OR customers can call-in to receive messages and input information
  • Real-time reports accessible on the web
  • Detailed tracking and analysis allows for continuous improvements
  • Multiple language support
  • Customized Caller ID display number
  • Capture recordings from your customers with voice capture capabilities
  • Virtual Recording Studio can record voice talent anywhere in the world
  • Monitor purchase transactions or other customer interactions within a campaign
  • Customized delivery time of messages in different geographic areas
  • Interactive surveys via IVR or keypad

Unify your outbound calls by adding text and email to keep your customers happy.


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